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daily backup to protect your valuable web hosting data daily backup to protect your data
Exim E-mail system with high reliability web hosting reliable mail server by Exim Mail
our servers can display foreign languages without any problem 100% foreign characters compatible
anti-spam web hosting system anti-spam function keeps you away from unwanted E-mails
DirectAdmin control panel web hosting Control Panel that is easy to navigate
web hosting statistics statistics program to track your visitors data
global access websites web hosting high-bandwidth ability to serve your customers worldwide

เครื่องเซอร์ฟเวอร์ของเรา ที่ให้บริการธุรกิจของท่าน  our servers
ห้องเซอร์ฟเวอร์ server room
สถานที่เราวางเครื่องเซอร์ฟเวอร์ TOT Internet Data Center
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Welcome to Hi-speed Web Hosting by Web Hosting Thailand

Speed Web Hosting by Web Hosting Thailand

Web hosting Thailand welcomes you to take a brief look at our web hosting plans. We have web hosting services that could cover all your web hosting needs ranging from dedicated servers hosting to hi-speed shared web hosting services. We use only new servers with latest technology to serve you in conjunction with a high speed data center.

For Linux plans, you have a bundled control panel that is easy to use and understand. Web Hosting Thailand has higher bandwidth more that other web hosting providers. Our plans are affordable, pick the one the suits you best. Browse your favourite ones on your right.

For those of you who are fond of Windows environment, you may prefer to chooe our windows plan without increase in prices. We serve you with the latest Windows 2008 R2, that enables you to code your scripts in .NET framework. Look no further.

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Why Web Hosting Thailand ?

We have reached the A+ in SpeedTest ranking, that is faster than 99% of other web hosting providers in Thailand. A picture paints a thousand words. Speed Test ranking is provided by the world's famous SpeedTest.NET
webhosting system we can support you in English via phone calls or E-mails because our English speaking staff is always available
webhosting system we guarantee no increase in prices and existing customers will be eligible for free upgrades when available
free domain name for all web hosting plans we give you a free domain, bother no more (.com .org .net and .info only)
advanced service for schools, business we can offer some credits for a government agency, schools or monasteries
high bandwidth we have a fast connection that your customers or you can reach to the servers with speed and minimum download time
new hardware we always care for both new and exisiting customers by upgrading our machines every 5 years so that you will always have updated technology
daily backup we perform a daily backup to our NAS system to ensure that data replication is always available

Your websites will always be available to your customers

No matter where your customers are in the world, they will be able to browse your websites with speed. Our TOT IDC provides us with high-bandwidth ability that could serve international customers just like the servers are next to your neighbour. We use only the newest server technology of Dell, for example, instead of using a SATA hard disk drive (7200RPM) we use server-graded hard drives (SAS-15000RPM) which are double the speed of home-graded hard disks for our shared web hosting and mail servers. However, if you are looking for a large space we also have affordable economy packages.

Our bandwidth test is as high as 100Mbps (download speed) and 100Mbps (upload speed) differs from other hosting providers which is limited to only 1-5 Mbps. This is the real bandwidth through our Gigabit connection switch.

Our network is among the fastest, above all other web hosting operators.

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Jobs Available : If you have skills in web programming, web site design and linux-based system administration, write to us today at . We would like to talk to you.

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