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Cloud VM

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a chain of servers grouped together making use of all available resources into the pool, i.e. CPU, RAM and storage space. It is a kind of virtualized machines allocated on the main servers. You have to be able to manage the resources by your own like increase or decrease capacity of your machine through the control panel. You will be charged for the CPU , RAM and bandwidth usage calculated on an hourly basis. Also, you can replicate another VM to help speed up your site in a certain region or as a backup site. Part of the charge is calculated on the number of running nodes and where are they located.

Your web hosting account that could not do any of the above features is only a private cloud allocated for a shared web hosting only. The effectiveness depends on web hosting providers to decide how much CPU speed, RAM and storage should be used. All is on the virtual machine environment.

In real life, web hosting providers never copy your machine more than 2 or let you use a limitless of CPU, RAM or storage space more than the quota received because customers only pay for a fixed cost. It is a closed system because it is a privately own cloud. You will never be able to control your own CPU, RAM or storage usage at all.

Private cloud or public cloud

A public cloud needs a multi million dollars investment. We are not a real cloud provider but we also invest millions. It is a virtualized machines which speed and bandwidth is a little less than a conventional dedicated hosting that we also provide as your option. It should be correctly called sharing a private cloud.

Cloud servers - powered by CS Loxinfo

Public cloud investment is done by global providers like Amazon, Windows Azure, Softlayer but not yet here in Thailand. All have their own data centers in various locations and countries around the world with high speed links between nodes. That makes it possible to move or copy VM between nodes easily with only about 2 minutes delay in data duplication.

Zero Downtime really exists?

The resources in the private cloud that has been shared for web hosting is not manageable by customers at all. So if the internet data center is offline, your site will be offline too since all the VMs are in the same IDC. Even Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook which have nodes around the world or Twitter and Instagram using Amazon as the backend storage, have experienced downtime more than once in a year. Because they have a team of experts so the downtime is only 20 minutes at most. Facebook has been down for over 40 minutes in 2015. When the Amazon is down, many social networks and streaming service like Netflix also stop working as well.

The benefits of using the private cloud to be used in a web hosting business is on the providers, not the customers. Some providers moved to the private cloud but did not provide a conventional hosting to their customers because they want to minimize the operating cost.

In Thailand, we do not have a cloud provider at all. Even if a big player like CAT, TOT, CSLoxinfo have not yet offerred a real cloud solution. The cloud computing needs to have an internet data center more than 1 location and 1 country. What currently offered by many providers in this country is only the private cloud using a cluster of machines. Customization is only available through the ISP administrators.

Every package gets

  • 1-Gbps port
  • international bandwidth 400Mbps ~ (shared)
  • domestic bandwidth 80Gbps ~ (shared)
  • unlimited traffic per month
  • free Linux installation
  • free setup fee
  • root access
  • Straightforward, no frills


    Cloud Servers Hosting

    CPU 1-Core CPU
    HDD 100GB
    RAM 1GB
    Public IPdedicated x 1
    Traffic unlimited

    3-month plan: monthly 2700 Baht
    6-month plan: monthly 2200 Baht
    annual plan: monthly 1200 Baht

    Cloud Servers Hosting

    CPU 1-Core CPU
    HDD 200GB
    RAM 2GB
    Public IPdedicated x 1
    Traffic unlimited

    3-month plan: monthly 3600 Baht
    6-month plan: monthly 3100 Baht
    annual plan: monthly 2200 Baht

    Cloud Servers Hosting

    CPU 2-Core CPU
    HDD 300GB
    RAM 4GB
    Public IPdedicated x 1
    Traffic unlimited

    3-month plan: monthly 4500 Baht
    6-month plan: monthly 4300 Baht
    annual plan: monthly 3800 Baht

    Cloud Servers Hosting

    CPU 4-Core CPU
    HDD 400GB
    RAM 4GB
    Public IPdedicated x 1
    Traffic unlimited

    3-month plan: monthly 5300 Baht
    6-month plan: monthly 4900 Baht
    annual plan: monthly 4700 Baht
    Remarks: 3-month contract is the minimum

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