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Microsoft SPLA Hosting

This service is the rental use of Microsoft software on our premise, i.e. if you are our Dedicated server or VPS customers, you can add these to the base price of our services.

Web Hosting Thailand hosts Microsoft's so-called SPLA software packages designing for clients to use Microsoft software for business provided through hosters like us.

A series of Microsoft softwares available for rent at affordable prices. Business owners do not need to invest in buying Microsoft programs at retail prices and prepare the budget for future updates or upgrades at all.

Using SPLA programs provided by Web Hosting Thailand through Microsoft licensing programs is safe and it is the right decision for all business owners. You do not need to worry about Microsoft program upgrades but only pay for what you use at low monthly rental rates. A number of license for corporate users can be adjusted on demand and it reflects you a real cost of ownership. Only one condition, you need to select one of our Dedicated server plans or VPS plans that we provide. We provide you with a full range of servers of your specifications that suits your budget. Choose from the available packages below.

Microsoft SPLA Monthly Fees

product descriptionmonthly fee (Baht)
P71-01031 Processor Licenses (PL) Windows Server Datacenter 5,265.00
P73-04837 Windows Server Standard 800.00
G3S-00566 Windows Server Essentials 800.00
6WC-00002 Subscriber Licenses (SAL) Windows Remote Desktop Services 275.00
SQL Server
7JQ-00341 Core Licenses (CL) SQL Server 2012 Enterprise (2 Core Pack) 20,680.00
7NQ-00302 SQL Server 2012 Standard (2 Core Pack) 6,870.00
TFA-00523 SQL Server 2012 Web (2 Core Pack) 450.00
228-05018 Subscriber Licenses (SAL) SQL Server Standard 730.00
D2M-00502 SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence 950.00
QHH-00028 Subscriber Licenses (SAL) Dynamics CRM Service Provider Edition 1,255.00
4CL-00390 Dynamics NAV Hosted LmtdUser SAL 345.00
4CL-00389 Dynamics NAV Hosted FullUser 2,800.00
65D-00119 Dynamics GP Hosted LmtdUser SAL 345.00
FA8-00092 Dynamics AX Hosted PerDvc SAL Ent 2,900.00
FA8-00096 Dynamics AX Hosted PerUsr SAL Ent 2,900.00
Exchange Server (Partner Hosted)
9MD-00001 Subscriber Licenses (SAL) Hosted Exchange Basic 75.00
9MC-00001 Hosted Exchange Enterprise 220.00
4MH-00001 Hosted Exchange Enterprise Plus 270.00
F08-00025 Hosted Exchange Standard 125.00
F09-00018 Hosted Exchange Standard Plus 225.00
Forefront (Microsoft Hosted)
7VC-00168 Subscriber Licenses (SAL) Forefront Identity Manager 95.00
Lync Server
6QH-00002 Subscriber Licenses (SAL) Lync Server Standard (IM/Presence) 80.00
6RH-00002 Lync Server Enterprise (IM/Presence & Conferencing) 245.00
6SH-00002 Lync Server Plus (IM/Presence & Voice) 245.00
6TH-00002 Lync Server Ent Plus (IM/Presence & Conferencing & Voice) 360.00
021-08183 Subscriber Licenses (SAL) Office Standard 540.00
79P-01747 Office Professional Plus 675.00
T9A-00002 Subscriber Licenses (SAL) Productivity Standard Suite SAL -Incl. Exch Std, Lync Ent, & SP Std 255.00
T9A-00003 Productivity Standard Suite SAL (for Core CAL Suite SA) 160.00
T9A-00001 Productivity Standard Suite SAL (for Ent CAL Suite SA) 90.00
F08-00027 Hosted Exchange Standard SAL for SA 20.00
9MC-00004 Hosted Exchange Enterprise SAL for SA 20.00
6QH-00004 Lync Server Standard SAL for SA 20.00
6RH-00004 Lync Server Enterprise SAL for SA 20.00
76M-01134 SharePoint Server Standard SAL for SA 40.00
76P-01361 SharePoint Server Enterprise SAL for SA 40.00
SharePoint Server
V6V-00001 Processor Licenses (PL) SharePoint Hosting 33,400.00
76P-00840 Subscriber Licenses (SAL) SharePoint Srvr Enterprise (Additive SAL. Also must acquire SP Std) 180.00
76P-00742 SharePoint Server Standard 270.00
F52-02144 Core Licenses (CL) BizTalk Server 2013 Enterprise 2 Licenses Core License 34,000.00
D75-01979 BizTalkServer 2013 Standard 2 Licenses Core License 7,900.00
HJA-00774 BizTalk Server 2013 Branch 2 Licenses Core License 2,720.00
FUD-00009 Processor Licenses (PL) Core Infrastructure Server Suite Datacenter 5,650.00
YJD-00007 Core Infrastructure Server Suite Standard 1,560.00
K63-00006 Provisioning System 5,100.00
T6L-00249 System Center 2012 Datacenter 2,650.00
T9L-00249 System Center 2012 Standard 900.00
H22-01677 Subscriber Licenses (SAL) Project Server 510.00
MFF-00504 System Center 2012 Client Management Suite 195.00
J5A-01228 System Center 2012 Config Manager 190.00
M3J-00104 System Center Endpoint Protection 130.00
N5F-00074 Visual Studio Premium 8,150.00
C5E-00746 Visual Studio Professional 1,650.00
N4F-00074 Visual Studio Ultimate 17,600.00

1) we are an authorized reseller of Microsoft SPLA service
2) all the above software will be installed by us on our servers in the IDC (Internet Data Center) only
3) the above prices are VAT exclusion
4) minimum contract is 1 month

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