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Web Design, LINE Stickers, Apps and Mobile Games Programming

We accept customers who want to have your own custom web sites without using templates as widely available on the internet. We build web sites that generate business and money to your pocket. This answers the question as to why using custom-made design and programming is better than using web templates. Our web design goes along with our programming and we are proud to help dozens of our customers build their business, not just their presence on the web. Good design and layout make your site attractive and help customers navigate your site easily which result in successful online business.

We do not use templates at all but coding from scratches by hand so that makes it longer to finish the works. Normally 1-2 months to complete. The advantage of hand coding is we can fix and adjust all the features according to your requirements. This type of web site is fast, secured and not traceable by hackers. It is fast to load because it has no frills where templates could not compete. Web templates are widely available in the public so hackers know well the sites structure and vulnerabilities of those templates that you are using. You need to patch your site regularly before hackers find it. Custom-made web sites and your imagination are the only perfect match.

We program all web-based applications for use on the internet. We also program apps and games for publishing on the AppStore (Apple iOS) and Google Play (Android). Our fees as follow;

  1. Difficulty level
  2. Development time

We charge only 20,000 Baht per week instead of an hourly charge base used by other companies which will end up in extremely high cost. This is a fee structure for development in our office only. If you want our staff to work at your premise, additional 2,000 Baht per hour will be charged (min. 3 hours a day)

The followings are our fees structure for web site design and programming, LINE stickers design, Apps and Games design for comparison.

Corporate web site with back-end database for self-administration from

60,000 Baht

E-commerce web site with a shopping cart script, store front display, unlimited products (1 image for each product) from

80,000 Baht

Advance e-commerce web site with the ability to calculate shipping fees, weight (max. 5 images for each product) from

120,000 Baht

earn your passive income from LINE Stickers 42 images for each series you have full rights on the design works, from

150,000 Baht

Web apps on iOS (AppStore) and Android (Google Play) with maximum 6 links on the app back-end for feeding data (maximum 30GB per month, 30,000 Baht for 1-year web hosting fee) included, but not included annual Apple Membership* fee for 3,590 Baht and Google developer subscription fee for 990 Baht, from

200,000 Baht

iOS and Android games making your passive income from advertisement in game or in-app purchases in the long run by publishing your apps or games on the app stores, not included annual Apple Membership* fee for 3,590 Baht and Google developer subscription fee for 990 Baht, from

300,000 Baht

Remarks: the above fees are VAT exclusive
Apple fee ($99) may vary from each year depending on exchange rate

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